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Hacking Training

Complete Safety is Hacking the way you can handle Training.

You need a class, we schedule the class. Period

When ever, where ever. No minimum students, no hidden charges, we will do your class at night, on weekends. You get the class you need, you get the quality training you deserve, ON YOUR SCHEDULE.

No waiting on our schedule, its all about YOU.

We are here to change the game.

Tell your management team you found the solution for training. Tell them they can get that class today for the guy that needs to go offshore tomorrow.

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Hacking Employee Training

Do you have trouble getting your employees scheduled for training? Complete Safety can fix that.

Some things are difficult to understand.

Some things just don't make sense.

One of the biggest problems we identified in the industry when we were conceptualizing Complete Safety was this desire of other training companies to dictate to there customers when classes were available. I dealt with this first hand as a Safety Manager trying to get training for guys who had "slipped through the cracks" and didn't get refreshers when they should have, or when a new client we started working for had some training requirement we didn't have on our Matrix and he needed it NOW! I had struggled with Operations not letting me schedule training when I should have and then had to try and jump through hoops to get something tomorrow for one guy and had to get my a** busted for spending $500 on a half day class for that 1 guy.

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