coplete safety and choosing positivity

Creating a culture of safety in a workplace involves the reversal of long held belief systems. This isn’t always easy. We often speak of getting the most senior workers to buy into the idea that it is possible to work safely and be productive. Many years ago, workers were taught to get the job done; to just do whatever it takes, but get it done. Today, that perspective flies in the face of the safety culture. So when there is a clash, it is often the older workers who balk at the idea of safety practices. These employees remember when they just grabbed any old ladder, hauled it to the job, stood on the top step if necessary, and got it done. Unfortunately, they probably also remember one friend or another who was hurt in an industrial accident due to a safety issue.

REINFORCE THE ‘WHY’: Turning the grumbling worker into a happy one creates a better, more positive workforce. It allows one to become more focused on safety. One of the best ways to do this is to make the employee happy to come to work and happy to go home. Simply stated: ask the employee to remember who they work for. It isn’t the employer. It is their spouse, children, parents, dog. It is the car in the driveway and roof over their head. Your employer is simply the ATM. You put work in and get money out. You are doing this job to benefit those you love. When the team member is truly happy to go back home in one piece, they will become more receptive to doing what is necessary to ensure that they are safe.

HAPPY FLOWS DOWNHILL: Leadership begins at the top. A culture of safety also stems from the supervision and management. If the workers see that their supervisors are truly happy when they take the time to work safely, it makes a difference. In comparison, if a foreman says to work safely, but becomes disgruntled over the time spent securing lanyards and harnesses, then the actions speak louder than the words. The happiness is lost. The buy-in on safety procedures happens from the top, and is sold to the workers with conviction.

FOCUS: When we remember that safety is in place to help us avoid the common pitfalls of our work, it allows us to perform our jobs and still go home in one piece. Whether we start every day with the realization that we are working because we want to; or decide to either be happy and safe in our work or move on to something else that’s better- only then can we be the productive and safe people we are meant to be.

Developing a culture of safety in the workplace is everybody’s responsibility. In the end, the only person who can make the daily and even moment-by-moment decisions regarding your safety is YOU. If you have questions, or you would like to discuss what we can do to help you foster a culture of safety, give COMPLETE SAFETY a call today.

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